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Traditional Massage Bali

Balinese Massage : Costs, benefits and why you should try it

Balinese Massage – Hey Mai Buddy, if you are currently on vacation on the island of Bali and looking for a massage experience that can make the body more relaxed and back in shape, then we recommend trying the original Bali traditional massage technique called Balinese Massage.

Balinese Massage will be easily found in various massage places or spas scattered in Bali.

Even if you feel lazy to leave your hotel room, just call or chat us (Mai Boy) then our therapist will come to your hotel or villa and provide this traditional Balinese massage service.

Cost of Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage
Traditional Bali Massage

The cost of this traditional Bali massage certainly varies, depending on the massage place or spa you visit.

The cost of Balinese in a 5 Star hotel or Spa can reach IDR 1,000,000 for one treatment of approximately 90 minutes.

In contrast, if you choose Balinese in an ordinary massage place or 1 Star Spa that is widely spread in Bali, the price range is Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 500,000 for a duration of 1 hour.

Then for Massage Call services to your hotel or villa the price range is between Rp. 200,000 – Rp. 400,000 / Hour.

Mai Body itself offers prices for Traditional Bali Massage Home Service which are as follows:

Service60 Minutes90 Minutes120 Minutes
Balinese MassageRp. 250.000Rp. 350.000Rp. 450.000
Price is for Home Service Bali Massage only, includes therapist’s transportation fee.

What happens during a Balinese Massage?

Balinese Massage
Traditional Bali Massage

Many customers ask this question, what happens during a Balinese massage.

We will answer according to what our therapists do, you will be asked to lie down on the mattress of your room.

Previously our therapists will cover your bed sheet with a cloth that they bring, this is so as not to cause oil stains on your bed sheet.

After that our skilled therapists use a combination of gentle stretching, deep kneading, and palm pressure techniques throughout your body.

Our therapists will use essential oils to enhance your relaxation and the massage session is done from the feet to the rest of your body gradually.

Benefits of Balinese Massage

Of course, all massages basically have the same benefits of relaxation.

Balinese massage also has relaxation benefits and also provides benefits for your body and mind so that it is believed to reduce stress during your vacation in Bali.

The deep tissue techniques used are able to relieve muscles and improve blood circulation.

This, of course, improves your physical health and makes oxygen evenly distributed throughout your body.

The acupressure techniques used during the massage can also help stimulate the body’s natural energy flow, leaving you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Why should you try Balinese Massage?

Balinese massage has transformed into a tourist destination today.

A lot of tourists come to Bali and include this traditional Balinese massage in their list of destinations.

We’ll give you a few reasons why you should try it.

Firstly, it provides a holistic approach to wellness, targeting both physical and mental aspects. The combination of techniques used during the massage offers a truly unique and therapeutic experience.

Secondly, Balinese massage can help reduce stress, ease muscle pain, improve sleep, and promote overall relaxation.

Traditional Bali Massage


Bаlіnеѕе Mаѕѕаgе
Traditional Bali Massage

So if you’re looking for some relaxation from your hectic schedule on the island of Bali, and you intend to indulge your travel envy, then Balinese Massage is the perfect choice.

You don’t have to go out and find a massage place that suits you, just contact Mai Body and let our experienced and officially certified therapists come to your place and provide the best service so as to bring you to a state of pure relaxation and rejuvenation.

Wherever and whenever you want relaxation, our team will be ready to come to your location 24 hours a day.

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